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Grenada Chocolate Company Nib-a-licious, 60% with cocoa nibs


Organic chocolate from Grenada containing 60% trinitario cocoa with cocoa nibs. Tablet handmade chocolate from Grenada by the Grenada Chocolate Company with an addition of small pieces of cocoa bean (nibs) . Trinitario cocoa from plantations situated in the Caribbean rainforest. Chocolate from bean to bar.

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It takes a whole village to make one chocolate bar.
It takes a sailing boat to ship it to Europe.
It takes a team of passionate cyclists to bring it to the stores.

Produced on the Caribbean island of Grenada by a small cooperative of cocoa producers. Unique because the entire production chain is owned by the cooperative, small-scale and orderly. All cocoa ingredients, including cocoa butter, are very fresh and from our own production. Certified organic and produced with solar energy.


  • origin: Grenada, Caribbean
  • 60% trinitario & forastero cocoa with freshly roasted cacao nibs, certified organic, locally produced
  • flavor note: Crisp, full-bodied, floral and fruity, with notes of apple, banana and lime.


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