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Gran Chililique

cocoa plant (theobroma cacao), artwork
  • Varietal: White Native
  • Harvest season: main harvest: December-May
  • Cut test: See picture below
  • Fermentation: 79%
  • White Cocoa: 30%
  • Drying Method: sun dried on wooden beds
  • Bean count: 90 beans/100 gr
  • Sorted: at origin by hand to ensure less than 2% waste

Gran Chililique: ultra-premium cacao, winner of the 2013 Peruvian Gold Cacao Award.

This cacao grows on the hills around Chile, and benefits from very favorable climate conditions. The cacao growers are smallholders that live and cultivate cacao around this community, located in the District of Chulucanas, Piura, North of Peru.

Fifty percent of the members of this small cooperative are women that with hard work and dedication produce one of the most flavorful cacao beans of Peru.

Cacaotales is working directly with these producers promoting these wonderful cacao beans and supporting gender equality.

A journey of flavors.

Experience the balanced taste of our chocolate. With hints of creamy macadamia nuts, exotic tropical fruit, rich mocha, and subtle tannins. Supporting sustainable and ethical direct trade for smallholder cacao farmers in Peru.

Created by

The Chocolate Shop
Sanna & Ray

Crafted by

Crack chocolate
Mark Schimmel

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