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Georgia Ramon Guatemala 70 percent vegan (kopie)


Guatemala 70 percent vegan

The cocoa flavour notes of this dark chocolate are varied and intense. Aromas of roasting, but also malt, walnut and citrus fruits combine to create a taste spectacle with a long finish.

Read more about the special cooperative project DeLaSelvain Guatemala below!

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Guatemala is the most populous country in Central America, located in the south of the Yucatán Peninsula. Guatemala borders Honduras to the southeast, El Salvador to the south, Mexico to the north, and Belize to the east. The country has two coasts, a narrow entrance to the Gulf of Honduras, part of the Caribbean Sea, to the east, and the Pacific coast to the southwest.

Cooperative DeLaSelva
Georgia Ramon is a member of the cooperative DeLaSelva. This is the result of the project work of the renowned foundation for tropical forest management OroVerde. ‘DeLaSelva is Spanish and means ‘from the rainforest’.

Sierra de las Minas
The purchase of Jolomijix chocolate brings income to the indigenous Quecha communities on the edge of the Sierra de las Minas National Park. This mountain area was recognized by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve in 1992. The reason for this is the special biodiversity of the mountain cloud forests, which reach altitudes of more than 3,000 meters – more than 885 species of birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians live here. They are also home to the quetzal, the legendary bird of the Mayan gods and the heraldic animal of Guatemala.

The cocoa is grown in a very special way: in biodiverse forest gardens. The cacao trees grow mixed with fruit and shade trees. For decades, this has provided families with a rich harvest, an extra income and at the same time the rainforest is preserved. Through their own processing and marketing, the small farmers become more economically independent and develop their self-sufficiency.
The special cacao from Guatemala played a central role in the advanced civilization of the Maya more than 2000 years ago. Their descendants in the Sierra de las Minas cultivate this culture – and this cocoa to this day.

More than 400 small farmers of the Quecha people (descendants of the Maya) are engaged in cocoa cultivation. Cacao already played a central role in the high culture of the Maya and their descendants retain this importance to this day.


Ingredients: Cocoa mass Guatemala, raw cane sugar, cocoa butter.
Aroma: intensive cocoa with malty to fruity notes, walnut.

May contain traces of nuts and milk.

Nährwerte/Voedingswaarde/Nutrition value/Information nutritionelles
pro/per/par 100 g
Energy 556 kcal/ 2328 kJ
Fett/fat/barrel/lipids 39 g
davon gesättigte Fettsäuren/waar verzadigs/of which saturated/dont acides gras saturés 24 g
Kohlenhydrate/carbs/carbon hydrates/glucides 35 g
davon zucker/of which sugar/or which sugar/don’t sucre 30 g
Eiweiss/protein/proteins/protéines 10 g
Salz/zout/salt/sel 0.01 g
Weight 0,05 kg


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