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Far and wide – Dutch Original Milk 52 percent vegan


Far and wide Dutch Original Vegan Milk 52


Full rich, soft and creamy bar with hints of coconut, banana and nuts. A warm smooth mouthfeel is followed by a long soft melt on your tong.


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Plant based mylk chocolate reinvented


This is no ordinary vegan mylk chocolate. Heinde & Verre has developed its own vegan milk alternative to create a unique rich and creamy chocolate bar with a striking resemblance to classic milk chocolate. The combination of plant-based ingredients brings out the best of the blend of organic certified cacao from Latin America, the Caribbean, and Indonesia.


The organic certified cacao in this blend is grown in agro forestry systems amongst other crops. Three single origins from Peru, Dominican Republic and Bali bring excitemtn to the Dutch Original Blend.

The Peruvian cacao is grown by Colpa de Loros: 250 farmers in the Ucayali region. The area was once known as a drug crime zone. With the help of international development funds, sustainable cacao plantations were founded. Certifications: “Organic” and “Fair for Life”. The cacao has pleasant impressions of honey, caramel and soft fruits.

Öko Caribe comes from 165 farmers nestled in the heart of the Duarte province in the Dominican Republic. This award winning cacao is famous for its consistent quality. The farmers receives continuously agricultural training. Öko Caribe provides micro-finance loans for its members when needed. The cacao is characterised by earthiness, coffee, red fruits and a hint of nutmeg.

The Balinese cacao is grown by the 230 Kerta Semaya Samaniya Farmers (KSS) in the Jembrana region of the Island, famous for its volcanic fertile soils. In 2011, KSS managed to grow the first organic cacao in South-East Asia. The cacao is known for floral, herbal and spicy notes.


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