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Dark Chocolate Company Dark 75 Percent


Dark Chocolate Company 75 Percent Origin: Jamaica

Imagine yourself in Jamaica with this chocolate! The bar that will never make you want anything but dark chocolate again!
Tasting notes: full-bodied, well-rounded with notes of bitter, caramel, red fruit and nuts.

Ingredients: cocoa beans, sugar

Free from: soy, gluten, milk


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Pure chocolate company was born in January 2017 from a desire to give back and develop a long dormant and under appreciated home-grown product in Jamaica; its fantastic cocoa.

Driving force behind Pure chocolate company is Rennae Johnson with her husband Wouter Tjeertes. Rennae is born and raised Jamaican and knows the country, its farmers and community and is in the lead of the day-to-day business. Wouter has over a decade of experience as chocolatier at various resorts in the Caribbean and Europe. Together as partners in business and life, they combine their love for each other with the love to create a unique chocolate brand from the land of wood and water.

Jamaica, home to the Blue Mountains and its world-famous coffee, is idyllic in many ways. Lush rainforests and abundant fertile soil give for some of the best quality land needed to grow exceptional cocoa pods.

The Pure way of making chocolate is simple and honest; we directly purchase cocoa beans from local farmers and create 100% Jamaican hand-made chocolate. No additives, no middleman and no fuss. By Jamaicans for the whole world to enjoy. Direct trade at is finest is a core value we hold close to our heart. We cherish our relationships with the local producers and regularly meet up and exchange knowledge that benefits both.

work of art:
“Black Moons” by Taj Francis


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