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Costa Rica drinking chocolate 70 percent vegan 400 gr.


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Costa Rica drinking chocolate 70 percent vegan 400 gr.


400 grams

All origins of our own TCS brand are vegan, pure, direct trade and of single origin origin. Remarkably, the different origins differ in flavor notes as indicated below.

The packaging indicates the best brewing method for at home, but tastes are personal so feel free to play around with it!

Tasting notes: hazelnut, raspberry, green banana

Content: 400 grams that makes about 16 cups of delicious and exciting chocolate milk

Read more about the origin of the origin below!



Origin: Finca La Amistad, northern Costa Rica

Variety: trinitario cacao

Details: this cocoa comes from a family farm, run by Ruth and Ernst Brugger. With a great eye for biodiversity and the environment. For example, they work together in a cooperative with neighboring farmers and act as a HUB. The harvesting, the fermentation of the beans and the drying of the cocoa are done on the farm itself.

Tasting notes: hazelnut, raspberry and green banana.

Ingredients: 62% cocoa, cane sugar, cocoa butter

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