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Cosmic Dealer Chakra Chocolate Raspberry and Buckwheat


Raspberries and buckwheat;

This indulgence is gluten and lactose free, made without refined sugars.

Made from raw bean-to-bar chocolate, organic and vegan. Available in 6 different flavors!

Fits, among other things, in a KETO, low-carbohydrate diet and scared for diabetics. Or for anyone who also watches their sugar intake every now and then (sugar detox) and still wants to eat something tasty, yes we have tested :).


Healthy squares (20 gr) of nut and seed butter, coated with dark 75% chocolate and microdosed with functional plant-based ingredients.

They are the perfect daily ritual for a healthy yet delicious 4:00 p.m. treat. The creamy richness of the nut and seed butter is deliciously satisfying, so you won’t miss out on the sugar. Less 2g of sugar per chakra, derived from dates Maximum pleasure+less sugar ????

Because they’re just ground whole dried fruits, they also contain all of the fruit’s nutrients — vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.


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This product meets the following characteristics and contains the following ingredients:

– Does not contain refined sugar.
– Certified as an organic product.
– Suitable for vegans.
– Composed entirely of natural ingredients.
– Contains raw dark chocolate.
– Made with single-origin cocoa.
– Equipped with SPP certification for ethically responsible cocoa production.
– Naturally gluten-free.
– Free from preservatives and artificial colors.
– Specially developed to support your sugar detox.

Each serving, weighing 20 grams, contains the following high-quality ingredients:

– Macadamia nuts.
-Cocoa butter.
– Raspberry powder.

Warning: This product may contain coconut, peanuts, sesame and tree nuts. Keep this in mind if you have any allergies.

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