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Conexion Chocolate Virgin 70 Percent Cocoa


Conexion Chocolate Virgin 70 Percent Cocoa

DESIRED: Desirable explosive floral aromas and fruity flavors expressd by our Arriba Nacional Cocoa. Notes of fresh cacao pulp, green apple and a cocoa finish.

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We craft our 100% Virgin/Raw Dark Chocolate Bar with Arriba Nacional Cocoa Beans from the province of Los Rios, Ecuador. The beans from this province are minimally processed and flash roasted (Raw) in order to bring out their desirable flavor profile of woody, cocoa, dried fruit, floral, nutty, herb, and caramelized notes. APOVINCES is the co-op and has been designated as Heirloom Cacao by HCP, for preserving the rare and old varieties of Arriba Nacional Cacao.

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