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Chocolatoa Costa Rica 75 percent


A dark chocolate has everything it takes to win over the novice taster, who often turns his nose up at high percentages.

Taste this Chocolatoa Costa Rica Nahua Plantations Maleku 75%

Ingredients: cocoa beans and sugar


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Ingredients: cocoa beans and sugar
Beans: Costa Rica Nahua Plantations Maleku
Creator: Mario van den End

Costa Rica;

We value the high quality of our cacao. Our award-winning, single origin Trinitario cacao beans are sourced from the fertile soils of Costa Rica and reach their full-bodied potential through a meticulous post-harvest process.

The exceptional flavor profile is attributed to unique genetic varieties, as well as the result of sustainable farming practices of selected smallholder farmers from whom we procure fresh, carefully grown cacao.


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