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Chocolate Tasting Kit – Bars Session 5

Yes, you can order the chocolate bars from session 5 now. Session 5 has the theme India/ Sri Lanka

Order all three bars at once from session 5 *ALL VEGAN*

Set of Session 5, Thursday, June 11

  • Artist Chocolate, India 69%
  • Svenska, Sri Lanka 70%
  • Mike and Becky, India 70%

Did you participate (or not) or do you want to try it (again) at home? See the stars of the first Chocolate Tasting Kit below! The Tasting Kit is accompanied by an online tasting on Instagram Live by Lauriane Avril, certified chocolate taster and chocoholic.

Are you a chocolate maker and you want to be featured on one of our live sessions for example with a new origin or new flavor or maybe it is you first attempt : ) ?

Feel free to contact us at



Set of Session 2, Thursday, April 30, 2020

  • Sample 1: Krak Philippines 70%
  • Sample 2: Far and Far Bali 71%
  • Sample 3: Marou Lam Dong 74%

Set of Session 1, Thursday, April 16, 2020 >>

  • Sample 1: Mesjokke Belize 72%
  • Sample 2: Svenska Kakaobolaget Peru 85%
  • Sample 3: Krak Colombia Sierra Nevada Milk Chocolate 55%


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