Review – Dormouse Chocolate Guatemala 72 Procent

Review – Dormouse Chocolate Guatemala 72 Procent

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Dormouse Chocolate

  • Bean to Bar 72% Dark Chocolate
  • Bean origin : Guatemala
  • 2017 Silver Award – by the International Academy of Chocolate

Info on Label: 70g

  • Origin: Alta Verapaz, Guatemala
  • Bean type: Trinitario/ Upper Amazon Forastero/ Amelonado
  • Process details: 48h of conching
  • Batch number: 331

Sensory profile

  • Rich & Smooth, dried fruit with a note of oaked red wine
  • 3 Ingredients: cocoa beans, muscovado sugar, cocoa butter.

Hello Fellow chocolate Lovers!

Let’s dig into a tasting review of the 72% dark chocolate, Guatemala Origin, from the famous English Dormouse Chocolates chocolate makers. Let’s taste and let’s share what’s happening with our senses, when we taste this chocolate!

Lauriane Avril - The Chocolate ShopAs it is my 1st review on this platform, I would like to introduce myself … I am a chocolate enthusiast and I pursue the ambition to share my chocolate passion with many people! But as well, I want my “chocolate journey” to be fun!

I aim to discover the wonders that chocolate makers create and I always want to be excited to taste, try out and enjoy new chocolates, new references & new products! 

Why? Because tasting chocolate is like a game. Yes… this is chocolate. But I am talking about the “non-boring” chocolate type! Did you know that Bean-to-Bar Chocolates are more “unique”, more “different” from each other than main stream chocolates? Each one of them have their unique specificities, “hidden notes”, special flavors and characteristics! 

Maybe you are wondering why? Why is it the case? What are the reasons? What’s hidden inside? Well this platform/website has a lot to each you!  So you can understand the why… so you can discover the tremendous work & passion behind every chocolate bar! But mainly you will learn that there is no magic ingredient: it all comes from the chocolate itself and this is what I find amazing!

It’s like playing a game with senses. See on the picture?

This is the jungle in Guatemala. Long time ago explorers where wandering in the jungle trying to discover Mayan Temples. They were “moving” blindly in the jungle… going right, going left, being lost… until discoveries would happen.

I like closing my eyes when I taste chocolate. I let flavours and aromatic notes come to me… and the game is to try to “understand” them and to put words on “what’s happening in my mouth”.

With this bar, here is how I perceived the spark of perfumes and flavours: The smell of this chocolate is woody & spicy. I detect a bit of waxy, herbal and earthy notes. This is overall a strong smell.

Then I taste it. First, it takes time to melt. It starts with hints of acidity. A bit of bitterness as well, but it is mainly acidic. Powerfull wooden and smokey notes rise soon after that. I do not know if this is coming from the acidity, but there is a thin layer covering the mouth … it becomes quite astringent, and it leaves the mouth dry. I notice off flavours of vegetable and boiled cabbage.

It ends with a mix of acidity & bitterness in the mouth… I would add that I didn’t taste that much “chocolatey” notes in this chocolate bar. This profile is peculiar and will please the Bitter & Acidity lovers! I have already tried some chocolates made with beans from Guatemala (Krak Chocolade, Encuentro…) and they had a “chocolatey” profile. This profile was a first to me.

Interesting isn’t it? “Just knowing the origin – doesn’t say it all about its taste and profile”!

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