Review – Definite Chocolate Dominican Republic

Review – Definite Chocolate Dominican Republic

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Definite Chocolate

  • Green bar : 80% Dark Chocolate
  • Red bar: 90% Dark Chocolate
  • Bean origin : Dominican Republic 
Definite Chocolate Poster

Info on Label: 42g

  • Origin: Each bar is from a different province of the Dominican Republic: The Duarte province for the 80% dark chocolate (see the green area on the map) and the Puerto Plata province for the 90% dark chocolate (see the red area on the map)

  • Harvest: 2016

  • Batch number: Respectively 288 & 286

  • Made in Santo Domingo, Dom. Republic.



 Green Bar – Duarte – 80%  – Sensory profile:

  • A soft, sweet and “fresh” chocolate base with picks of bitterness. Ending with an aftertaste of “wet grass and earth after the rain”.
  • 2 Ingredients: cocoa beans (80%) and cane sugar

Red Bar – Puerto Plata – 90%  – Sensory profile:

  • High bitterness, intense dark chocolate with banana and strawberry notes
  • 2 Ingredients: cocoa beans (90%) and cane sugar

Hello Fellow chocolate Lovers!

80% and 70% dark chocolate bars made with beans of the province of Duarte! Did you know that Definite chocolate is actually the 1st Dominican chocolate being awarded with an international award from the Academy of Chocolate?

Let’s taste this 80% from Duarte Province:

If you just smell it: it will have a light smell of a brownie or a warm cake.

Once in the mouth, you are welcomed by a soft, sweet and “fresh” chocolate base. The “fresh” effect says it all: it becomes cool in your mouth. The cocoa butter naturally present in the beans starts melting and offers all the flavor potential. You are then hit by 2 or 3 picks of of bitterness. You can almost taste the beans. It ends with an aftertaste of “wet grass and earth after the rain” flavours. It is like travelling in the plantation: you taste the terroir and the origin!!!

Province of Puerto Plata  (see the map) – 90%

By appearance and smell, you can already see that this is a high percentage of cocoa. This chocolate bar is really dark. In smell, you  will find fermentation, alcoholic and red berries notes.

Once in the mouth: the magic happens. Yes! it is bitter! But this is not all! Try this one and you will be flabbergasted to actually taste fruits like banana and banana skin and strawberries as well! Amazing right? Hidden in all these fruits intensity, I also tasted some smoked notes.

Really dark and bitter but so fruity and powerful! If you are like me, you will only get 1 piece of it, but what a journey!

I Dare you! Dare the 80% and “visit” their terroir. Dare the 90% and taste banana and strawberries!

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