Review – Armando Canelon Chocolate Venezuela

Review – Armando Canelon Chocolate Venezuela

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Armando Canelon Chocolate

  • Caramelo de Sani
  • Bean to Bar 65% Dark Chocolate
  • Bean origin : Venezuela


Armando Canelon Chocolate Venezuela Information needs Design

Info on Label: 50g

  • Origin: Venezuela
  • Made in: Venezuela
  • Award: 2018 Bronze Award, by the International Chocolate Awards, Americas category.

Sensory Profile

  • Rich, intense dark chocolate notes with sweet and slightly acidic notes of mango jam.
  • 3 Ingredients: cocoa beans, Sugar, Sani
  • Sani = Caramelized Turnip flower seeds

Hello Fellow chocolate Lovers!

Sometimes some “little gems” lands in your hands and you feel the need to share with the rest of the world that it is there, it exists, and it should be known!

65% dark chocolate bar with one side of the bar fully covered with Sani, caramelized turnip flower seeds. Look at this beauty! The caramel and its crystals almost shine at the surface of the bar.


But the beauty doesn’t lay only on the chocolate bar here. The beauty is in every aspect of the design. This Venezuelan bar is a combination of art, expertise, passion and know how. Look at this laser made chocolate packaging and these two delicate “finger format” bars. And in taste, I was surprised by the explosion of sweet, fruity, pastry like flavors! The Sani is the key.

I get: Fruity flavors with hints of Grapefruits, lemon, passion fruit, peach and apricot notes.

But as well, on the pastry category, I get: baked, caramel, smoky, praline, roast, nuts and hazelnuts notes


The chocolate is like an underlying layer in the sensory experience. It brings a round and smooth texture while quickly melting. This bar has been thought to be a sensory crossroad of visual and palate experience.

As you all know, the Venezuelan are currently having a really hard time. Politically and economically, the country’s situation is at risk and the people need help and support.

With this post I want to promote, support and share my admiration behind the work of Chef Armando Canelon. It is a great honor for us, at The Chocolate Shop in the Haag to have the possibility to sell and promote your bars.

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