Heinde en Verre – Lush Noble Bali 55 procent milk

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This bar offers the best of both worlds: a harmonious balance between creamy Dutch cow milk and delicate chocolate of delicate Balinese cacao. The most generous of all Heinde & Verre milk bars. All lavish, lush flavours are delivered in a lovely melt.

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The KSS farmer cooperative is located in the Jembrana region of the island of Bali.Bali’s volcanic nature has contributed to its exceptional fertility and its tall mountain ranges provide the high rainfall that supports the highly productive agriculture sector.

In 2011 the farmers managed to grow the first organic certified cacao in South-East Asia. To make it more sustainable cacao is grown in an agroforestry system where the farmer combines multiple crops such as fruit, coffee and vegetables.
The main crop is harvested from July til September and the secondary crop from December til January. After the harvest the beans are fermented in two-tiered wooden boxes for 6 days and are dried on tables in the sun when possible. The carefully selected beans are bagged and shipped to The Netherlands.


Weight 0.06 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 1 cm
Cacao percentage



Heinde & Verre


Bali, Trinidad & Tobago, Venezuela

Soort Chocolade

Puur Chocolade


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