Choc Tree Dark Chocolate Mezcal Nibs 70 Procent


400 years ago, the Spanish conquistadors discovered a love for cacao in Mexico and they also taught distillation to the Aztecs. We have soaked the ancient criollo hybrid cacao of Tabasqueño in Mezcal, the agave spirit, to bring you a chocolate with deep rich notes of bloodlust, agave, and smoke

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Choc Tree Dark Chocolate Mezcal Nibs 70 Procent

Cocoa Content 70%
Ingredients: cacao beans*, cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, Mezcal
*Certified organic ingredient | Weight 80g
Made in a factory that handles dairy and nuts

Typical Values 100g
energy 2028
kcal 491
fat 37.1
-of which saturates 22.6
Carbohydrates 50.3
-of which sugar 29.9
Protein 8.0
Fibre 18.1
salt 0.00
Gewicht 0.07 kg
Afmetingen 12 × 12 × 0.5 cm
Cacao percentage



Chocolate Tree



Soort Chocolade

Flavoured Chocolade, Puur Chocolade


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